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Grand Piano 88 KEY FLEXIBLE SCREEN Multi-Touch

I'm sure you're all perched for making about what's happening with AROS. All agree that he's the best suited for this task.

The Pegasos board is at the time of writing on it's way to Johan. Hopefully this will result in AROS running on it in the near future. Stefan Berger did some safe dating poster work on the m68k-pp Palm zune keys, which include bits of an input driver for the touchscreen and several fixes.

He also committed parts of a native ARM port it's not complete, and there are no promises that he will continue working on it. Drivers When it comes to countries, several things have happened: Georg Steger has worked hard on improving the stability in ide. The former had several ugly race conditions, which could result in bad things happening if several programs tried to access the disk at the same keys. Also added was better support for removable drives.

Before it makes sense to develop it further more work has to be done on the general driver architecture in AROS.

Martin Blom found some free time and ported AHIalthough there are no drivers yet except for the filesave and dummy ones. This is a great step forward for providing sound support to AROS.

Writing a driver for hosted should be fairly simple the only problem is time, as always and it will probably click the following article first one. You can see the preferences program running in a screenshot.

User Interface On https://lovedating7.website/taxonomy/term/4/4-vn-dating-sims-masa-sma-2.php user interface front, there has been discussions about using render.

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The author was very positive to this, and render. Other developments of interest: David Le Corfec, Georg Steger and Sebastian Bauer continued to code on Zune and made the Test button in the prefs program work, go here a bitmap feel in the imageadjust dialog and worked on a experimental feature to reduce the flickering when resizing windows.

Have a look at the screenshot. Georg Steger fixed a bug in the hosted flavour which meant that the X SHM extension always was disabled. The graphics performance should now be a bit better.

Datatypes Thanks to Martin Gierich who wrote jpeg. You can see them in dating quest xp zune keys in the screenshot. Miscellaneous Some miscellaneous things that have happened: Staf Verhaegen merged the diskfont. Georg Steger fixed a bug in Locale Prefs which caused random crashes on ipc but maybe enough not on hosted. Fabio Alemagna fixed several bugs all over the place, after Martin Blom reported them during the course of porting AHI.

Stefan Berger worked some more on the port of gtlayout. He also ported another contrib program: MUImine a rather nice minesweeper game clone.

There are however some problems when running in windowed mode or in 16bit screen depth works fine in 24bit modes though. Take a look at the screenshot. Olivier Adam wrote French translations for many programs. Repository Cleanup During the last month there has also been an affair to clean up the CVS repository, mostly spear-headed by Adam Chodorowski. Basically there are two parts to this effort: Make sure that all software in the main tree follows the licensing policy which entails checking the copyright and making sure the license are compatible with the APL, and make sure it is documented.

Moving software that we want to be part of the standard AROS distribution from contrib to the main tree, and moving things that link belong in the main tree to contrib. The following things have resulted from this effort: The authors of FlexCat, which we use in real, have been contacted to clarify.